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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) inspections of I-9 forms are occurring in record numbers! Call now for I-9 compliance review of your employee documents. 

√  Avoid costly fines , potential criminal prosecution and damaging PR

√  Over 40% of all I-9's are not filled out correctly, resulting in a minimum of $800 per form

√  Be prepared by having your I-9 documents reviewed by seasoned experts

√ 100% confidential

Expert I-9 Reviews – Company Audits     
Let Legal Employer give you peace of mind that you will be prepared for a government audit which could result in costly fines and damaging PR.  Let our experts help identify errors and recommend solutions.

  • Comprehensive physical inspection of I-9 Forms for current employees and past employees going back 3 years as required by federal law
  • Detailed report highlighting all errors and omissions found on each Form I-9 and recommend action Estimate of the potential fines and penalties that your business could be liable for noncompliance
  • Develop a customized Employment Verification Compliance Plan which shows "good faith" compliance with all federal government regulations

All  I-9 COMPLIANCE Audits are based on number of employees.  Please Call For a Quote  866-726-9620

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