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The Frosty Wooldridge I-9 Challenge

Illegal Immigration is diminishing our Quality of Life in America and creating a decreased standard of living. Tens of thousands of people each month - many from third world countries - decide to break the law of the country they wish to call home and enter this country illegally. Each day they settle into communities across the nation where they work and live illegally? all while not paying their fair share of taxes. This puts a drain on social services and small town budgets in every state.

Illegal Immigration is also having a negative impact on our environment including air pollution, soil erosion and water shortages. Valued Farmland is lost to development. Traffic problems continue to plague more and more of our deteriorating roadways. We are seeing increased prices in gas, water, food and social services.

Jobs serve as magnets for illegal immigrants. Without the opportunity for employment a large incentive is removed for illegal aliens in our nation.

You are invited to take the Frosty Wooldridge I-9 Challenge. This free one year opportunity is in partnership with one of the nation's leading I-9 compliance and awareness service companies - Legal Employer, Inc. It will allow you to proclaim your I-9 compliance and visually demonstrate your support for America’?s cause.

Every business owner that listens to Frosty’s show whose business is I-9 Compliant and registers for the Frosty Wooldridge I-9 Challenge will receive the following complimentary items:

Challenge takers will receive complimentary:

  • Linkable Legal Employer Logo for display on your web-site
  • Digital High Resolution Legal Employer Seals for Marketing
  • A Legal Employer window decal that can be use to showcase that you are I-9 Compliant 
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Take the Frosty Challenge Now

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